Who We Are

We created Baloo because the current beverage market didn't align with our everyday needs. We didn’t want to feel chill all day from CBD or jittery from caffeine. We wanted to mentally and emotionally feel like our best selves - our best, happiest selves.

That got us thinking: What if a sparkling water could have an effect on our mood and even more, make us happy? Not just on the surface, but from the inside...on a biochemical level, on a science-says-so level?

Like so many, we've been on lifelong journeys to feel happy, fulfilled, and live our best lives. Along the way, we’ve learned that happiness isn’t a finish line… it’s a habit we can cultivate, a choice we can make, steps we can choose to take. We knew we had to create a new kind of bubbly - one that was made to make you smile with powerful, mood-boosting ingredients.

With Baloo, we put happiness you can taste and feel in your hands every, single day. We hope you enjoy Baloo as much as we do!